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Sun 18 Oct 2015
Timperley Lacrosse Club
Girls U15
Second game of the season for U13 Girls

Second game of the season for U13 Girls

Cengiz Ilhan23 Aug 2019 - 01:52
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U13 win against Stockport

Our second game of the season was away at Stockport. In total we had 15 girls to field, so had 5 subs due to Stockport being short in numbers. For a change we started focused from the beginning. We were playing against a very young and small team, so we introduced rules about passing before shooting, forming a doughnut around the goal to name a few in the first half. We played some lovely Lacrosse with good passing, running into space and good shots at goal.

In the midfield and attack we passed the ball around nicely. I think everyone had a good game and contributed well. In total we had over 16 - 18 shots on goal and scored 13 goals. The number of shots in the second half was less due to further restrictions on the girls regarding shooting, they were only allowed to shoot after holding the ball for a minute and passing it around in the doughnut.

In goal we had Emily Meppem (first half) and Sophie Hurlstone (second half). They both made some great saves having pulled into goal without much training. Well done.

The score at the end of the first half was 9 - 0 for us. The score for the second half was 4 - 0. Again a good team performance. End score 13-0 for Timperley.

Goal scorers: Niamh Gribbon (5x), Emma Whitley (3x), Connie Golding (1x), Sophie Hurlstone (1x), Elise Humblet (1x), Jodie Pollard (1x) and Alice Alan (1x).

Although we won and played well overall, there are areas we need to improve on. Firstly, the defence did their duty but not all the midfield were always coming back to help the defence. At times there were 1 or 2 more Stockport players in front of our goal or our half then Timperley players. Against this opposition the defence and those that came back could cope with them but against better sides we will be punished for this.

Secondly, when we were going for a ground ball we are not talking to each other so we end up having 3 sometimes even 5 girls going for the same ball.

Thirdly, marking and being aware of where the opponent is, again an area we need to improve on. Two of our players were going to the same person and not realising it or talking to each other. We also need to talk a bit more especially when we are defending.

One of the girls asked why they had to ware goggles. We explained the importance and how it can protect your eyes and face but coach Julie’s comment summarised it all “Health and Safety never takes a holiday”. They had nothing to stay to that.

Player of the day:

Sophie was the player of the day for defence for her efforts in goal.
Jodie was the player of the day in midfield for her hard work.
Maddie was the player of the day for attack. Although she did not score she had 4 assists. She was also the MVP.

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Sun 18 Oct 2015




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