Girls U15
Sun 01 Nov 2015
Timperley Lacrosse Club
Girls U15
3rd game of the season

3rd game of the season

Cengiz Ilhan1 Nov 2015 - 15:37
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Continuing our winning run

Our third game of the season was at HOME against Cheadle. We had 17 girls to field, so had 5 subs. Like always we started slow. I look forward to the day when we do not start slow. We went behind 1-0 then pulled back to 1-1 then they scored again and made it 2-1 and after this we took off and closed the first half 9-3 for Timperley. Once we started going we played brilliantly. We played as a team, passed the ball around, defended well (those that came back), run into space and everyone did their best. Well done to the whole team. In total we had over 30 shots on goal and scored 18 goals from these shots. Emma Whitley and Elise Humblet were the more prolific ones.

In goal we had Alice Alan in the first half and Maddie Lord in the second one. They both did well and made some good saves.

The score for the second half was 9-1 for us. Giving an end score of 18-4 for Timperley.

Goal scorers: Emma Whitley (5x), Elise (4x), Sophie Hurlstone (2x), Nielja (2x), Alice Alan (2x), Annie Chapple (1x), Jodie Pollard (1x) and Eve Hemsworth (1x).

Things we need to work to make our play even better are:
Midfield has to come back to help defence. It was better than other games but against a much better side we will get punished.
Hunger for the ball. If we had been more hungry for the ball we would have scored more and possibly conceded less.
Passing. Some of our passing is wishful throws into space or big lobs or wait just a bit too long so that the opponent sees where it is going. Again tighten and improve on these and we can hold our head high against the boarding school teams!
Some talking going on but need to talk more.

Player of the day:

Elena Rink was the player of the day for defence. Although she was playing in midfield she came back and helped the overall well organised defence. She put a lot of effort in defence and midfield.
Nielja was the player of the day in attack. She worked hard, run into space, passed, assisted and scored.
Elise Humblet was the player of the day for midfield. She worked very hard. 9 assists! Plus scored 4 goals herself. She also is the MVP for the game.

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Sun 01 Nov 2015




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