Girls U15
Sun 24 Jan 2016
Timperley Lacrosse Club
Girls U15
1st game of 2016

1st game of 2016

Cengiz Ilhan30 Jan 2016 - 16:38
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Continued our winning run.

U13s fifth game of the season was away to Mellor. We had 17 girls to field, so had 5 subs and made a change every 5 minutes.

We did not start well. We were not well organised and were a bit taken back by the challenges from Mellor. We need to learn to deal with this and not let it get to us. Regardless of how our opponents are playing or whether a referee is blowing or not for fouls we need to play our game. Early on we had to thank Niamh in goal for keeping some shots out and keep us close to Mellor. At one point we were down 3 - 2. Then Niamh made a few more saves and we decided to shoot around the goalie in the goal rather than on to the goalie or outside of the goal! We never looked back would not be fair to Mellor, till the second half at least. Mellor gave us a good game in the first half but we showed our quality later part of first half and second half to win the game 11 to 3. A great team performance once we got organised and settled.

After the initial blip we played great as a team today with lots of passing and movement. Our defence was challenged a lot during the first half especially and a bit more sporadic in the second half. Overall we coped well but at times we were not tracking back each player or were marking the same player. We need to talk more.

Overall the midfield supported the attack very well. There were especially 3 players in the midfield that worked their socks off attacking and helping in defence. These three girls were Ana Green, Elise Humblet and Elena Rink. We should all look at their work effort and aim to copy this. As we all know when we do not track back it leaves us exposed in the back.

Attack, what can I say, we were rubbish at shooting in the first 15 minutes. Mellor should never have been leading if we put those early chances away. There was a moment when I thought here goes our 100% record for the season. But the girls came good. Not just the attack but also midfield players were all great. Early stages we were not passing around as well and missing passes, but then suddenly we decided to pass more and better and rest is history.

In total we had over 28 shots on goal and scored only 11 goals from these shots. After the first 15 or 20 minutes we also battled hard for every ball which was great to see.

Goal scorers: Elise Humblet (5x), Sophie Hurlstone (2x), Alice Alan (1x), Jodie Pollard (1x), Nielja Gerhard (1x) and Madeleine Lord (1x).

Things we need to work to make our play even better are:
• SHOOTING ON GOAL. Some of the chances we missed were not because of the keeper saving it but more us shooting at the keeper or missing the goal from 2 meters!
Need lots of shooting practise.
• All of the midfield has to come back to help defence. We are now fine tuning to be even better.
• Passing. Tighter and more accurate passes. Eliminating silly and dangerous passes.
• Some talking going on but need to talk more.

Player of the day:

Defence - Niamh Gribbon in goal. Great saves and fearless. MVP
Midfield - Ana Green. Tirelessly chasing balls in defence, midfield and supporting attack.
Attack - Sophie Hurlstone. Worked hard.

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