Girls U15
Sun 13 Dec 2020
Heaton Mersey Black U13
Timperley Lacrosse Club
Girls U15
Heaton Mersey U13 - 9, Timperley U13 - 2

Heaton Mersey U13 - 9, Timperley U13 - 2

Brett Christian13 Dec 2020 - 18:41
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A Determined Effort in Horrible Conditions!

Heaton Mersey Black U13 - 9
Timperley U13 - 2

Wet, windy, cold, slippy. Conditions were far from ideal.
As I slid across the pitch at the end of the game, it brought it home to me how difficult it was to play a decent game of lacrosse on a pitch so muddy!
Timperley were a fresh side, with some newcomers - welcome Beth and Izzy to competitive Timperley U13 lacrosse!

Only towards the end of the game did Heaton Mersey disclose to me that the team we played today was their 'A' team, so far unbeaten this season! With that in mind, Timperley can be very proud of their performance today.
The score could have been much closer. We were unlucky not to score on many occasions, with the ball sticking in the mud.
But we were also many times our own worst enemy, with simple passing options being ignored and chances being squandered.
So often we did some fantastic work in midfield and transition, only to finish with a weak shot or run into trouble against a solid HM defence.

Attacking creativity and defensive awareness will be a focus in training.
Today, Timperley gave HM too much time and space, especially in the first quarter. .
Our defence improved during the game, but were simply too 'nice' to begin with. A lovely trait off the field (and long may that continue!), but we need to learn how to get our 'game heads' on when the whistle blows!! ;-)

But I take my hat off to the whole team today, for enduring a cold, wet, blustery day on a very slippy pitch.
Timperley DID get better as the game progressed, and that is to be expected of a team that had never played before. Heaton Mersey had that advantage, in that their team had played many games together.

The way that Timperley continued to give it their best, even when a number of goals down, has to be applauded.

Well done for getting through today. That's the spirit that will see us develop from here.

Hope you're all a lot warmer now! :-)

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